Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 in Review- Three Oceans

Back in the house where I lived my adolescence, I am trying to figure out what has happened in the last months. It has been a year of many changes that moved fast and required quick decision making and adaptation.

It all started in a gay dance club in Patong on New Year’s Day. I found myself dancing among men that thought me invisible and watching my ex-boyfriend flow in that scene, much happier than what I had ever seen him.

Next, it was the visit of my friend Jimena. I was so happy to see her, my dear friend in a place that was like a different planet. It is always unreal to see someone you know well out of context. We enjoyed together traveling like maniacs, despite my sadness and weariness. Cities, wavy roads, mountains, strawberry fields, rice paddies, clouds on the valleys, Chinese tea houses, elephants, beaches, fishing villages, clear waters, fire shows…

Phi Phi Islands - Indian Ocean 

After saying a difficult goodbye to the island (my home) that I loved and hated, I appear in a snowy DC. And soon thereafter I was in my native city, trying to explain to everyone what the heck I was doing with my life.

Mar del Plata - Atlantic Ocean

And hey, as much as I tried to conform to a life in Washington, I think plan A pushed its way through my consciousness into reality. In a few months I went from creating a comfortable life in DC with a nice job, a condo in front of the zoo, bike rides, coffee shops, brunches, museums and theaters to a nomadic life, with no more possessions than a few bags, shoes on my feet and a brain in my head. Along the way, I met new members of the family and  I lost dear people. My friend Lore left this world, but also left her gifts.

Oregon - Pacific Ocean

So, finding myself with such a light baggage and such a full heart, I wonder where is next?


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